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BAE, CRA, Ph.AL, Cr.Photog, M.Artist

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Kathryn Rutherford Fine Artist-Heirloom Art Studio

Memories, as well as experiences, are what give life meaning and structure. They must be kept alive or they become lost forever and it gives me a deep sense of fulfillment to transform the memories entrusted to me by my clients into works of art on canvas preserved for posterity.

The oil paintings I label "Spirit Paintings" capture emotional moments, whether the subject is a treasured heirloom, the multi-generational story of ordinary lives, or a metaphysical state of being. These paintings are continuing investigations of the transparency effects of light and shadow on reflective or see-through objects and figures. They begin by laying down a "cartoon" (line drawing) of the composition, followed by the application of a full-value black and white depiction of the subject matter. Each tube of coloured oil paint used in the next process is chosen for its staining, translucent, or transparent chemical make-up and layer upon layer of brilliant, pure colour is applied to the realistically rendered underpainting. The result is rich jewels of colour and texture and ever-deepened effects of shadows as light passes through objects, figures, and space.

Every painting tells a story and each viewer has a personal response to my art. This connection to the subject matter makes the viewer an active participant in the work as they experience emotions of their own or share a similar remembrance of the subject matter.

Reading Opens Doors To Imagination an original Spirit Painting in oil by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio                Reading Opens Doors To Imagination Concept Photographs

Spirit Paintings began by depicting personal collections and stories I wished to tell, but now represent works of art that are created from the objects, loved ones (past and present), and inspirations of others. The more Spirit Paintings I produce, the more I have found that people long to make a statement about their own lives for posterity and, for this reason, I eagerly look forward to creating each client’s personal story on canvas. I never know what exciting subject will next be on the easel.

Kathryn Rutherford Fine Artist-Heirloom Art Studio


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