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Pas de Deux-A Dance For Two by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio
┬ęKathryn Rutherford

The Man In The Moon-detail by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio











The Man in the Moon


Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
36" x 22"

Reproductions Available in Multiple Sizes

At three and five years old, my older brother and I ran about the house not the least bit interested in the customary bedtime that had long passed as my mother attempted to conduct a conversation with someone on the telephone.
"Who is it? Who is it?" my brother pestered over and over again.
Frustrated by his relentless persistence, my mother snapped, "It's the Man in the Moon!"
"I want to talk to him!" my brother and I breathlessly chanted as we jumped up and down.
Not knowing that my father was known to call my mother each night from his late nightshift occupation and share their thoughts after we had gone to bed, my mother handed over the telephone receiver through which a booming voice was heard to say, "Helloooo...I am the Man in the Moon."
Squealing was heard all around as my brother and I finally headed off to bed but, sleep would not come immediately because, as luck would have it, staring down through our bedroom windows was a full moon that just happened to be in its brightest cycle that night.
My brother, younger sister, and I are equally loved by my father but as a special bond between us grew it became evident that to this day Daddy thinks it is I that hung the moon.
At age 92 I am now faced with the inevitability that I will soon loose my hero. This Metaphysical dream depiction of time passing through the universe captures The Man in the Moon on canvas and, as he peers at me from the interior of the moon, my father remains in my heart for all eternity.



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