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Kathryn Rutherford Still Life Oil Paintings depict the reflective properties of light as it passes on, or through, ordinary transparent objects or settings.

Many of the objects seen in Kathryn Rutherford Still Life Paintings come from antique shops, yard sales, or the hidden corners of client's homes. These oil paintings on canvas are first rendered realistically in values of black and white and sepia tone. Layer upon layer of pure transparent colour is then applied to the composition to create highly realistic still life paintings. Using this technique of the Old Masters, shiny objects glow from within giving off a multitude of reflected colour and transparency.
As an added feature, when a painting is almost completed, a compound is applied to the highlights using a palette knife and, when dry, is painted over to give the final work of art a three-dimensional texture that only appears on the original oil painting, giving each still life painting another aspect of reality.

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Midnight Crystal by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio
Midnight Crystal

Fire and Ives by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio
Fire And Ice

Peek A Boo, I See You by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art StudioPeek A Boo, I See You

Moonlight In The Vineyard by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art StudioMoonlight In The Vineyard

Keeping The Home Fires Burning by Kathryn Rutherford-Heirloom Art Studio
Keeping The Home Fires Burning


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